The Situation

Historically, Montana PBS developed all direct mail fundraising appeals in-house and partnered with local vendors for print and lettershop production. They believed this was the most cost-effective method for fundraising.  However, it placed a heavy burden on an already stretched-thin staff and didn’t always produce the desired revenue results.

The station was looking to free up internal resources and increase its bottom line, but was skeptical – believing that working with an agency would result in higher costs and therefore less net revenue. But considering DMW Fundraising’s successful efforts at other stations, Montana PBS decided to reach out and utilize our direct mail fundraising services, placing its August direct mail campaign with us.

The Strategy


Working in partnership with DMW Fundraising, Montana PBS mailed two efforts of the Annual Fund package to its active and lapsed members.  The letter copy made a strong case for giving by including compelling, program-specific reasons for viewers to support their favorite shows.  The easily customizable package showcased Montana PBS’ on-air schedule, local productions, and services to the community.  Follow-up efforts featured an eye-catching post-it note, asking members to send a gift if they hadn’t already done so.

The Results

DMW Fundraising more than surpassed expectations for Montana PBS, both in services provided and results generated.  Total net revenue from this one campaign exceeded that of the total net revenue from all in-house mailings from the previous fiscal year by 18.5%.

As a result of this campaign’s success, the station moved all active and lapsed donor mailings to DMW Fundraising– thus freeing up internal resources.  Montana PBS quickly learned the advantages of working with a team of experienced fundraising professionals and looks forward to large net revenue gains in the months to come!

mailing generated a year's worth of revenue