A New Sustainer Package Signs on More Than Twice as Many Monthly Donors!

The Situation

The benefits of converting periodic, single-gift givers into monthly donors has been well documented in the fundraising industry. Monthly givers have much higher annual retention rates and a greater lifetime value than the typical donor who gives one or two gifts each year. Nebraska Public Media (NET) supplements its on-air efforts to encourage loyal donors to become monthly givers with direct mail. They mail a Sustainer Invitation package every quarter to these audiences, but over time results for this package were starting to wane after it had worked through the “low-hanging fruit.” How could they attract the attention of more resistant donors and drive up response?

The Strategy

DMW Fundraising developed a fresh design and rewrote the entire Sustainer Invitation package to make it more straightforward and compelling. The new package featured a warm, friendly letter that included full-color images of the station’s most popular programs. On the back of the letter, a Sustainer Rewards and Benefits section made the features of the monthly giving program easy to understand at a glance. Instead of the usual four or five paragraphs about the terms of the agreement for the monthly-giving program, the copy was reduced to just the essentials. The reply slip copy was clear and concise, making it easy for the donor to understand the offer and steering the donor to choose EFT, the easiest option for monthly giving and most beneficial for the station.

The Results

  • Nebraska Public Media was very excited by the results of the new Sustainer Invitation package. Total revenue was up 62% compared with the return at the same time in the previous year. More importantly, the conversion rate rose more than 200%! NET continues to mail this package with increasingly better results.
Conversion Rate up

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