The Situation

New Mexico PBS was facing a critical financial challenge.   Pledge-drive shortfalls, budget cuts and increased program costs had left them with an urgent need to improve the success of their fundraising efforts.  To achieve re-forecasted revenue goals, New Mexico PBS recognized that they needed to generate a significant response from its members across all channels – including direct mail.

The Strategy

To address this challenge head-on, DMW Fundraising recommended mailing the attention-grabbing Member·Gram package to active and lapsed members.  Always a strong performer, the Member·Gram package entices donors to open the letter by featuring an urgent teaser showing through a large, unconventional window.  The bright letter and to-the-point copy conveyed the need for donor support before a June 30 deadline in light of escalating costs and funding cuts.


The Results

The Member Gram package was a huge success for this station. Total net revenue increased by 72% compared to the direct mail campaign from the same time last year!

  • This large revenue gain was a direct result of a lift in response and an increase in the size of the average gift.  Active member response was up by more than 40% compared to the previous year!  In addition, the active donor average gift increased by 32% ($72.41 vs. $54.71) and the lapsed donor average gift grew by nearly 17% ($67.41 vs. $57.70).
  • New Mexico PBS was thrilled with the response from this campaign and is eager to mail the Member·Gram package again in the future.
total net revenue increase