The Situation

Alabama Public Television’s members are among the most loyal in the nation. They know their support helps fund the programs they enjoy. Nearly every past appeal has made this point. APT needed a new reason to motivate members to give beyond the traditional “members make programs happen” theme.

The Strategy

DMW Fundraising explored all the ways membership support impacts the network and then created a whole new reason to give.

APT’s Community Service Grant, the major portion of their federal funding, is determined by how much revenue APT raises locally. Therefore, each member helps determine the amount of federal support that comes back to the state network. The grant is driven by a vastly complex formula. To use it as a giving argument required a simple, accurate explanation and a call to action.

So we turned this complicated scenario into an understandable matching grant appeal for APT’s direct mail campaign mailing in May. Then, we added just a dash of advocacy to the copy by telling members that their support will help bring federal dollars back to their community. And, of course, we never miss an opportunity to thank members for all their continued support.

The Results

  • Response from the active donor segment skyrocketed. Total gross revenue increased by 286% compared to the same campaign from the previous year! Furthermore, the number of additional gifts increased by 213% and the average gift size grew by $10.43. Net revenue from this single campaign exceeded that of the total net revenue from the previous three May campaigns combined by 65%.
  • Besides being wildly successful from a financial standpoint, this appeal showed the value of donors in another important way – as advocates for APT.
total gross revenue increase