Members Get an Offer They Can’t Refuse!

Package Layout

The Situation

Public media organizations like the Community Idea Station, 88.9 WCVE Richmond Public Radio, often rely on generous gifts from members over and above their annual membership renewal. These additional gifts allow the station to purchase and produce the diverse and extensive programming their supporters expect from public media.

Typically, WCVE sends one of its control packages to donors and prospects to complement the on-air pledge drive during the Fall Campaign. But results showed a noticeable decline from previous years, and there were concerns of possible package fatigue. It was decided that a new approach was needed.

The Strategy

DMW Fundraising developed an entirely new package and campaign strategy for WCVE using the hook, “It’s Time to Give.” Rather than use direct mail to complement the on-air pledge drive, we mailed the direct mail package well in advance and made recipients an offer — if enough listeners joined as members or sent additional gifts now as part of this special campaign, there would be fewer programming interruptions during the upcoming Fall Campaign pledge drive.

A special emphasis was placed on an integrated, multi-channel strategy. Direct mail was supplemented with an extensive online effort, including multiple e-mail solicitations and an active presence on WCVE’s social media outlets.

The Results

  • The results of the new “It’s Time to Give” package versus last year’s control package were exceptional. WCVE saw a 138% lift in the lapsed response rate and a 174% lift in the gross revenue per piece mailed to the lapsed segments. This package lifted add gift results as well, boosting response by 31% and gross revenue per piece mailed by 47%.
increase in lapsed response!

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