The Situation

WHYY provides public television, radio, and online services to viewers and listeners in Philadelphia and the tri-state area. The station’s unrestricted operating revenue relies heavily on the generous voluntary contributions from current, active members and the station wanted to make sure it was maximizing the revenue potential of these committed donors.

The Strategy

WHYY and DMW Fundraising developed a plan to increase current donor giving by redesigning the control package. The appeal received a fresh new look by changing to a larger #10 size while retaining the control copy. The most striking change was a new detached 8 ½ x 7″ pink reply slip that gave the donor much more room to navigate the reply form, plus a detachable receipt. No other color, except black, appeared in the design, focusing the donor’s attention on the most important component of the pack – the reply slip.

The Results

By making only design changes and retaining the previously tested copy and file selection criteria, the new “pink package” rose to an incredible 7-to-1 ROI and an increase of more than $100,000 in net revenue from the previous campaign. Average gift jumped to $54.73, up more than $11 from the previous control.

We know the quality of the donor file and the appeal copy are the most important factors in a direct mail campaign, but design also plays a huge role. So, freshening up this good campaign was certainly worth the investment!

7 to 1
return on investment from fresh design