What’s that in your pocket? The full potential of mobile … realized.

No doubt you’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about national text-to-give campaigns … some of it good … some of it – “eh.” You may have even tried it yourself. But have you tried mobile lately? Let’s just say, mobile is now amazing. We are so so beyond mere “text.” Welcome to MOBILE PLEDGING.

DMW Fundraising uses cloud-based mobile fundraising software developed by MobileCause to help create a mobile fundraising strategy just for you.

Embrace mobile today and you’ll get a complete software solution from industry leader MobileCause, matched with the strategy and consultation power of DMW – for one low monthly fee. You’ll get increased reach to cellphones and tablets with features like mobile-friendly pledge forms, push notifications, and web/social media integration.

Imagine your donors getting highly targeted notifications based on their interests i.e. the shows they’ve watched or listened to. Stations, in return, get more in touch with what’s hot, and what’s not, through critical donor feedback. Say goodbye to the “text as ATM,” revenue-only mobile concept. Say hello to a new two-way street of user engagement.


With new service, DMW Fundraising seeks to help stations boost mobile giving

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