A Revenue-Generating Powerhouse

 Begun in 2007, 18 stations are currently harnessing the power of our bi-monthly Newsletter program and realizing goals in cultivation and fundraising. The information and insight enriches the member experience while also generating significant membership revenue. So what’s “new” about the Newsletter?

Deepen the Relationship with your Donors

It’s member-focused with bite-sized yet rich content, from the upcoming Downton Abbey season, to community education activities the station is engaged in, to highlighting member benefits. Serving also as an additional touchpoint, it’s a vehicle for building passion, affinity, and donor cultivation by showing exactly what the support of donors is making possible. Often, the Newsletter has even replaced a station’s guide, at no net cost to the station.



DMW Fundraising brought a targeted approach to Woman’s Humane Society’s audience selection.

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Increase your Bottom Line

This program netted more than $1,200,000 in revenue for participating stations in 2012. It acts as a new source of dependable, unrestricted revenue without pulling down the response from other appeals. Donor segments that have proven most successful include active members (in or out of the renewal cycle), recently lapsed, sustainers, mid-level and major donors, and those donors who have been flagged to receive fewer solicitations. Overall, the Newsletter has generated a 2-to-1 rate of return.

Let’s Look at the Facts…

  • One joint licensee generates an average of $11,681 in gross revenue from its1, 023 Major Donors with every Newsletter edition. In 3 of the 4 editions mailed, additional revenue from this station’s Major Donors covered the cost of the entire mailing — which also included Active Members, donors in the renewal cycle, and Sustainer segments.
  • Another joint licensee has mailed to “no-appeal” and “do-not-solicit” donors with great success. This group has an average response rate of 6.18% and a $61.97 average gift that is nearly 39% larger than the $44.62 average gift received from active donors.
  • One station in particular has television sustainers who respond enthusiastically with an average response rate of 4.09% and an average gift of $69.50. This is over and above their monthly contribution!
  • The Newsletter is used as a membership recapture tool for one major market station that mails to recently lapsed donors twice a year. These Lapsed donors generate positive net revenue through the Newsletter program — helping to keep the station’s overall cost to reacquire to a minimum.
  • One East Coast station tested the Newsletter as an upgrade tool by sending it to active donors with a $15-$29.99 renewal amount gift range. This group was previously excluded from Newsletter mailings, but the station was looking for new ways to move donors up the giving ladder. Early results show that this group responded 220% better than active donors with a renewal amount of $30 or more. In addition, with an average gift of $24.59 the Newsletter successfully upgraded the responding donors to the full membership level, based on their cumulative giving.