• ROI and Net Revenue are a Contradiction in Terms
    Making the Case for Net Revenue

    Could your own organization be blinding you to opportunities to become a more productive fundraiser? This article will challenge you to focus less on Return on Investment (ROI) and think more about generating net revenue to fund the great work of your nonprofit organization.
  • Don't Break Your Concentration(s)
    Zeroing in on your donor hot spots can help you raise funds even in times of economic uncertainty. Around the time that the housing crisis was coming to a head, many nonprofits started to cut back on their direct-mail acquisition efforts.
  • The Art of Testing
    We view ourselves as lifelong learners and want to stay abreast of important topics in our industry. For this reason, “DMW University” is held monthly as an internal training session on various topics associated with fundraising and direct mail. This month, we tackled the intricacies of TESTING. Check out the Power Point presentation here.
  • The Golden Rule for Writing RFP's
    As a fundraising agency, we deal on a regular basis with the joys and struggles of answering Requests for Proposals (RFPs). Some organizations call them Requests for Information, some Requests for Quotes, Requests for Pricing, etc.
  • Avoid the Penalty
    The Super Bowl is over. The boys of summer have just taken the field. And March madness has only recently subsided. That can only mean one thing to a public media development professional. It's budget time!
  • Why Fulfillment and Donor Relations are Even More Important for Monthly Giving
    You already know your relationships with your regular donors are important, not only to cultivate and upgrade them, but also to keep them giving to your organization. But what about monthly donors?
  • Geo-Mapping Myth Busters: Four List-Targeting Strategies That May Help You Find Hidden Gold
    Executives spend millions in research and site planning to determine the optimum location for a business based on traffic patterns, demographics, and competitive analysis. Homebuyers spend hours evaluating the school districts, tax rates, and proximity to shopping before purchasing a home. Yet, nonprofit organizations often fish for new donors and members across a vast market defined (sometimes) rather haphazardly.
  • Directly Speaking - Make Miss Manners and Your CFO Happy
    Sending a timely, relevant thank-you letter in return for any gift is the prudent and mannerly thing to do – both in our private lives, and in business.  It’s all about preserving a relationship, communicating appropriately, and establishing and maintaining a personal style.
  • How you can BREATHE NEW LIFE into lapsed donors and DOUBLE your results!
    In conjunction with DMW Direct's Media group and our data processing partner, we designed a merge/purge process that would identify lapsed donors who matched against one or more outside lists.


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