We take a team approach to help clients achieve their goals.

One main point of contact will coordinate all efforts on your behalf with a team of DMW Fundraising professionals – each with expertise in a specific discipline – including: strategic planning and results analysis, membership growth, list procurement and analysis, copywriting, package design, along with print and mail production.

Once we have gained the necessary information from an Exploration Meeting, DMW Fundraising will create a Strategic Plan, employing the DMW SMARTER™ Planning Process. This process drives the development of effective fundraising and membership programs. It is a formalized discipline that is brought to bear against each client’s unique situation.

The DMW SMARTER™ Planning Process

DMW Fundraising’s approach to data-driven marketing is to turn data into marketing actions by providing meaningful insights into the behaviors of your members. Meaningful insights are usually defined as those that allow our clients to:

  • Target messages and offers more effectively
  • Improve response rates
  • Increase the number of gifts per donor
  • Decrease mailing costs
  • Improve key metrics, such as: ROI, cost per dollar raised, and cost to acquire a new donor

Testing Philosophy

Our Testing Philosophy is centered on testing only significant and powerful variables. This allows us to focus on audience segmentation strategies, as well as creative and “offer” strategies. Building on the right solutions and tracking all levels of performance are fundamental to our philosophy.

The best plans are only as good as the quality of their execution. DMW Fundraising has perfected the process of “executing with excellence.” Our extensive process-management procedures and monitoring tools ensure that potential issues are identified early in the production process and addressed immediately.